Persistence and Obstinacy
Consciousness Raising and Privilege theory

tumblr is more useful as shorthand to describe a sort of problem endemic to privilege theory. if i want to complain about, say, the intense impenetrability of privilege debates on fringe fetlife groups or the way the sa feminist thread seems to revel in circling around 102 level issues and media analysis over and over while ignoring any attempt to actually organize or discuss complex theory or the problem with discarding all radical feminist thought in the modern discourse due to the awful association with anti-trans activists, the easiest thing to compare it to on the internet is the terrible excesses of tumblr and the bizarre privilege politics sharks that circle in the waters amidst the aggressive shippers and silly queer politics newbies trying to find their way into the light, hunting for blood in people’s posts to rend into someone over a slight of wording on the theory that we can solve problems if we all raise our consciousness properly in an almost perfect recreation of the problems that stymied and sank certain feminisms in the late seventies and early 80s.

-Gay Abortions with permission